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Maine Billets

Maine Billets

Billets, Bats, Machines, Cups and the knowledge to help you start a bat company

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    THANKS TO YOU we have expanded and PERFECTED OUR BILLET PRODUCTION to keep up with demand and quality! Maine Billets is using state of the art Billet processing that saws the wood perfectly along the grain with multiple machines and unlike split wood our process doubles the amount of Pro Grade billets being produced from the same size log, SAVING YOU A LOT OF MONEY!!  But what matters most is that Maine produces the BEST AND HARDEST BAT WOOD IN THE WORLD!

Maine Billets Specializes in Maple, Ash and Birch Billets, Turned Bats, Custom cuts, training bats, rolling pins, grips, laser engraving, Bat end cuppers, CNC Lathes, other machines, clear and black dips and so much more, Just ask!

Maine Billets is your #1 source for everything about making Baseball Bats.  We offer machines, programs, raw bats, finished bats, training bats, billets, cups and all the ''secrets'' in the bat industry


4 W Mills Rd, Anson, ME 04911, USA


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