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CNC Wood Lathe & Bat end cuppers

Apply for Financing:
Maine Billets now offers CNC Lathes and Bat End Cuppers at affordable prices!
Please email Jesse for more details and to order



CNC Lathe-  
*Cuts a bat without steady rest in 3-5 minutes, Steady rest lathes can cause a wobble at the end of the program and jam up, our lathes do not!
* Comes Ready to turn bats with 10 included programs and you will soon be designing your own models!!
* Turn from Square or Round
*  Includes 2 Blades, good for 1000's of bats each and will make 500-800 bats before its needs resharpening.  
* Many safety features and dust port
* 1 Year warranty on parts, excluding blade and user error
*  Maine Billets turns and sands all of our blank bats on this machine! 
$25,000 plus shipping, Includes detailed instructional videos for the lathe, program design and 10 programs

We also have a used lathe for sale for $22,000, works like new!
​*No Returns or Refunds















Bat End Cupper-  
Apply for Financing:
* Cups a bat in seconds!
*We provide JUST THE CUPPING UNIT, customer provides drill press (Approx. $300)
* Fits on the wall out of the way
* 1 year warranty on parts, excludes user error
* $26
00  Free Shipping in the USA
​*No returns or refunds


Other CNC/ Copy lathes

               Used Centauro T4  $15000 incluing shipping   


  • Great machine for making bats, turns a bat every 3 minutes

  • Copy from any bat or from a template

  • We sell Bat models made on a CNC lathe for copying

  • Easy to use, no computer or programming needed

  • Difficult machine to find, smooth finish and you can get or make parts if needed

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